welcome to the official website of powerzone designs.                                                                                                       yes, this is a real old-school scroller! and the website is designed in a c64-demo-stlye. how cool is this? we started to move our content to the web to prove we are still active except that we are making demos at the moment.             every year the gang of powerzonians meet at a revival held at someones home around christmas.              every time we met i asked the others that we should make a new demo but they are to lazy and uninterested in that.              so i (macs) made this cool website because i became a webdesigner and want to revive the mood of the good old 8bit days... so please be warm welcomed at our new website, look around to discover what we did at that times, who we are and more. credits for this website are:             coding by macs using joomla 4 with customized gantry framework             the musix is robocop 3 remix done by gustav taxen             all fonts edited by macs             the cool rasterbar is done by janos szudi             all graphix and logos done by maggo             and of course all texts written by macs             feel free to contact us via mail or facebook messenger                                                                                                                            greetings in 2023 to:             mws, marty, tc, mkd, mario and the whole bunch of radwar enterprises 1941             dieter mueckter of digital marketing             esg of hokuto force             jch, drax, jo and link of vibrants             omg of amok and genesis project             thomas detert of x-ample             chris huelsbeck             carsten bob of news on disk             markus schneider             charles deenen and jeroen tel of maniacs of noise
Powerzone Designs


A C64 and a few years later an Amiga, yet always interested in graphics.


Graphics, Fonts, Sprites, Ideas/Design

COUNTRY: Germany
JOINED: 1988
CSDB ID: 3385
MAIL: maggo (at) powerzone-designs.de



Task     Code, Design, Graphic, Charset, Music, Ripping,
Idea, Concept, Text,
Disk Cover, Original Supply, Bug-Fix, Paper Art, Docs
Progen 1990 Demo    
Anti War 1990 Demo    
Crazy Page Writer V1.4 1990 Tool    
A Cry in the Night 1990 Demo  
Mega Co-Demo '90 1990 Demo  
Final Designer 1990 Tool  
Final Designer Demo 1990 Demo   
Cybex Intro Preview 1990 Intro  
Coop/Transit 1989 Demo  
A Dream into the Future 1989 Demo  
Steppin' In 1989 Demo    
Firefox 1989 Demo    
The Sun Always Shines on Powerzone 1989 Demo    
Die and Live 1989 Demo    
Preknertjonow 1989 Demo    
System 3 Intro 1989 Intro  
Special Keys 1989 Demo    
Rasters 1989 Demo  
Logo-Tronix 1989 Demo    
Adults 1988 Demo    
Fantastic Picture Show 1988 Tool  
Intro Maker V1.32 1988 Tool    
Classic Tools 1988 Tool